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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

For the Gothic or Born PhotoShoot Tours we will meet in Plaça de l’Àngel (Àngel square) in front of the “La Colmena” bakery. Here you have a google maps link.

For the Park Güell Photoshoot Tour we will meet in the main entrance (entrance for Olot Street). For the Customized Tour depending on the place that you choose.

No, you will be able to do it at home in any photo developing shop. You may be able to choose the size that you want because we will give you the pictures digitally in high quality resolution.

Edited pictures mean that they get a color, lights, contrast, etc, correction. Also in some pictures we play with the color and black and white. But, be careful, edited pictures don't mean the same as retouched pictures: we don't make a retouch like be more thin, take off imperfections, etc. Also we are sure you don't need it 😉

It mens that you duplicate the quantity of pictures you'll get. For example, if you book for a regular Gothic Photoshoot Tour you are supposed to get around 45 pictures, with this extra you'll get around 90.

It mens that you get much more pictures but those are with no post processing work. For example, when we make a Photoshoot Tour we shoot around 200 pictures, then we choose the best (around 45 or 55) of them and we make the post processing of those. With this extra you get all the pictures that we didn't choose so you'll probably have around 150 pictures extra but we don't make the post processing work on this ones, you get them just like they were shot.

It means that you get your finished pictures in less than 24 hours in a pendrive in stead of geting them 72 hours later online.

Through a download link that you will receive to your email within 72 hours. The link will be available in your email 7 days. If you are not going to be able to download them in this 7 days time, let us know which day you want us to send the pictures.

Luckily we have around 300 sunny days in Barcelona. In case it rains we will keep the Photoshoot Tour if it rains a little bit. We will provide you with a nice and colorful umbrella, we will have the streets on our own. Therefore you will get unique and romantic pictures in a rainy and old Barcelona. If it rains a lot we could change the appointment depending on our availability. If you could not change the time, either you decide to do it in the rain or we cancel and you get your money back.

We always recommend to dress your style. Obviously if you want to dress as in a special occasion, go ahead. Besides you could also wear a colored piece of clothing -red scarf, colorful T-shirt or dress etc- to play with the color and black&white pictures.

No, because we are outdoors, we keep doing pictures all the time, and it is not confortable to wear a bag while the Photoshoot Tour.

You can know all the details here.


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