Street Photography

In recent years, thanks mainly to the immediacy of new technologies, an exciting genre has been popularized and democratized that the great photographers began already in the nineteenth and twentieth century: the street photography. If I had to describe this genre in a graphic way I would explain it as the moment when you feel called to do a little prank, to make a small trap, to make a little theft, which is none other than to possess a moment of a person and immortalize it forever.


Experts say that street photography differs from documentary photography or photojournalism because of its anecdotal, rather than historical, aspect. Therefore, the speed of the “decisive moment” is crucial to capture the essence of a fleeting moment. Or shoot or die, hunting or being hunted, or take the snapshot or you stay with the desire. Hence the misdeed, there is no time to ask for permission, there is no time to ask or look for complicities and hence sometimes the only way to get the big booty, that unique moment is unannounced, hidden, like a poacher.


In this small article we want to illustrate with images of a trip to Morocco of 2016, made by the streets of Marrakech and Essaouira. You can do the test, but generally the people in these places do not like being portrayed, you can always ask permission, I tried, but 90% of the time they said no, 9% asked for money, and In 1% they smiled and said yes. Here are stolen photos, unframe, even out of focus but above all are snapshots that try to look for both the moment and the document, and for me that’s the only way to get them: firing from the bowels.

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