Are you thinking in propose her for marriage in Barcelona?

What if we capture that unique moment for you? We really want to do it!


We offer you two different ways to capture this special MOMENT!!

1. Book one of our Photoshoot Tours (GothicGothic&BornPark Güell). In this case you need to select double of edited pictures (you will get 90 edited pictures), this is important because obviously we will experience greater moments and therefore we need to do more pictures. You can explain to your girlfriend about the photoshoot but she will not imagine what will happen in there! Surprise!!!

Whenever you book the photoshoot you need to tell us about the proposal and we will suggest you the best place to do it. Gothic Photoshoot tour for 2 people + double edited pictures costs 170 €. Book here!

2. Surprise her for the first moment! We will meet in a special place that we will suggest you. At first we will be taking photos with our long-focus lens without your girlfriend’s notice, this will be your moment to asking her! After that we will do a spectacular photoshoot of both of you.

This service lasts 1h30 min and you will get about 60 spectacular and original pictures in high quality (digitally), both in color and black and white. We will send you 3 edited pictures of the MOMENT the same day (through the mail) and you will be able to share instantly your MOMENT with the most important people for you.The rest of the pictures will be given 5 days later through a downloaded link (in high quality). You can book the Gothic Photoshoot Tour here and add te extra os “surprising her/proposal” for 60 € more. In total 180 €.

Devon&Mike_058 Devon&Mike_057





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