Terms and conditions

1.1. Your tour dates & hour will only be confirmed and secure once you book&paid through our booking system in our PhotoShootTours webpage (Credit Card or PayPal payment). Occasionally, we can have something unexpected and we can need to change your booking. In this case you can refuse the change and we will return all your money back.

1.2. By booking&paying a tour to PhotoShoot Tours you accept the terms and conditions of PhotoShoot Tours.

1.3. PhotoShoot Tours will confirm receipt of your payment by email.

1.4. In case it rains we will keep the Photoshoot Tour. We will provide you with a nice and colorful umbrella and we will have the streets on our own. If it rains a lot we could change the appointment depending on our availability. If you could not change the time, either you decide to do it in the rain or we cancel and you get your money back (in this case you need to cancel minimum of 30 min before the starting time).

1.5. Guests are responsible for looking after their own personal belongings while on tour. Please be aware that Barcelona is known for problems with pick-pockets and for this reason you should safe guard personal belongings. Do not leave bags on the floor unattended. In the Gothic & Born PhotoShoot Tours you have the possibility to leave your things in our studio.

1.6. Guests are required to arrive on time for the start of the tour. It is strongly recommended that you arrive at the starting point 5 minutes before the starting time to avoid delaying the start time of the tour. If you arrive late your activity will last less time in relation your delayed time to respect the next customer appointment.

1.7. In the Gothic & Born PhotoShoot the tour will finish in the same place that we started (in our studio). Whereas in the other PhotoShoots we will finish in a different place to the starting point. Information will be provided by your photographer to enable you to easily return to the starting point by metro or to return to your hotel.

Cancellation Policy

2.1. You should pay the PhotoShoot in advance.

2.2. If you need to cancel your PhotoShoot before 14 days of the Photoshoot day you will get 100% of your money back. In this case you will need to write us an email to info@photoshoottours.com .

2.3. If you cancelled between 13 days and 48 hours before the Photoshoot day you will get 50% of your money back.

2.4. The payment is not refundable with less than 48 hours notice (except in a heavily rain).

2.5. Tour dates are changeable with 14 or more days notice. (Only if other suitable dates are available.)

2.6. A service fee of 10 % will be deducted from any refund minus any bank charges occurred in receiving and returning the deposit.

2.7. No-shows will receive no refund.

2.8. Any cancellation, including force majeure, will be subject to our cancellation policy stated herein.


3.1. Travel insurance is the responsibility of the guest/s touring with PhotoShoot Tour. You are responsible for arranging your own insurance for protection during the complete tour, covering medical expenses, injury, death, personal belongings, repatriation, curtailment and cancellation.

3.2. It is recommended to travel with holiday cancellation insurance.