PhotoShoot – Customized 2H


  • 70 edited pictures
  • 2 hours
  • Maximum of 8 people
  • Delivery in 5 days
  • 1 location
  • Private Photoshoot tours

Customized 2 hour photoshooting in one location of Barcelona that you choose!

We offer you a customized 2 hour photoshooting in one location of Barcelona that you choose. We could recommend the most spceial places depending of your preferences. We will meet in the location that we decided. The PhotoShoot lasts 2h and you get about 70 spectacular and original pictures in high quality (digitally), some in color and black and white. The pictures will be given 5 days later through a downloaded link. This Customized PhotoShoot is only available for small groups of maximum 8 people.

Original photoshooting

Spectacular and original pictures in high quality

Location that you choose!

We could recommend the most special places of Barcelona depending of your preferences

Tour Pricing

1-8 people
  • The price is fix and not depends of the number of people
  • Location of Barcelona that you choose
  • 2 hours of photoshooting
  • 70 edited pictures


Did you know you could add some extra to your tour?

Yes, once you choose and book your tour you’ll get the option to add one of this extras.

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It mens that you get 50% more of the quantity of pictures you’ll get. For example, if you book for a regular Gothic Photoshoot Tour you are supposed to get around 45 pictures, with this extra you’ll get around 68.



It mens that you get much more pictures but those are with no post processing work. For example, when we make a Photoshoot Tour we shoot around 200 pictures, then we choose the best (around 45 or 55) of them and we make the post processing of those. With this extra you get all the pictures that we didn’t choose so you’ll probably have around 150 pictures extra but we don’t make the post processing work on this ones, you get them just like they were shot.



It means that you get your finished pictures in less than 24 hours in a pendrive in stead of geting them 72 hours later online.



You can add dan extra video like this!